Rondo 1 offers approximately 64,000 square metres of net office space. The typical floorplate of the 40 storey tower accommodates 1,500 square metres of space. The four storey atria with skybridges guarantee very impressive reception areas and, on some floors, offer the possibility to install internal staircases.

To increase the floor efficiency, elevators have been located outside the building core, which accommodates only staircases and toilets. Optimal distance from the fully glazed facade to the core guarantees daylight access to all workstations. The clear height from the raised floor to the suspended ceiling amounts to 2.85 to 3.00 metres.


The interiors give the freedom of arranging the office space in accordance with individual preferences of each tenant. The building was designed to accommodate one person per seven square metres of net office space. The open plan can accommodate up to 218 people.


The design of the 1.5 metre window grids, allows the floor plan to be easily divided into cellular offices, which creates smallest singular room of 12 square metres area. All rooms have guaranteed convenient and uninterrupted access to all common areas.


The floor plan makes it easy to divide space between several tenants. Common areas and toilets are accessible through a shared corridor.